Our Journey

Tails adventure with cocktails started with founder Nick Wall in London 2008.

He loved cocktails with a true passion and decided to solve a huge challenge in the drinks industry…..

‘How to achieve authentic cocktails using sophisticated ingredients, that were easy to make, fast to serve and above all consistent’

Nick worked with inventors, craftsmen and showmen from the world of cocktails and beyond to create Tails, the ultimate premium batched cocktails.

Over time we became Masters of Mixing, Batching and Imbibing Cocktails.

Tails roots are defined by three classic icons representing the journey and most influential experiences and expertise that helped establish the brand.

A light bulb denotes the Inventors and Mixing of Tails =
the creation of our cocktail recipes, mixing complex components, and delivering pioneering serve solutions.

A filtering apparatus indicates the Craftsmen and Batching of Tails = our skill of blending, balancing, and batching premium spirits, liqueurs and sophisticated ingredients.

A classic martini glass symbolises the Showmen and Imbibing of Tails = specifically how we deliver theatre, perfect serves, and a quality imbibe experience.