Our Journey

Tails adventure with cocktails started in London 2008. We loved cocktails but hated long waits, and too often badly made, overpriced drinks.

So we decided to shake up the way cocktails were made and served.
We became experts at mixing, batching & imbibing cocktails.

Tails roots are defined by three classic icons representing the most influential locations, experiences and expertise that helped establish the brand.

London is identified by a light bulb denoting where the idea of Tails and the innovation for the brand originated. Amsterdam is signified by an antiquated filtering apparatus indicating the significant influence of the city’s distilling and craftmanship on Tails. New York is represented by a classic martini glass symbolising the greatest impact of cocktail mixology and bar theatre on Tails.

London, Amsterdam and New York are linked by ornate arrows in the primary brand logo highlighting the journey and dna of every Tails.



Tails are inspired, created and endorsed by
Inventors, Craftsmen & Showmen



Our collaborations include Lucas Bols, the oldest distilled spirit brand in the world est 1575 and the largest bar academy in Europe.